New level of OR and in-office ENT patient & surgeon experience

Office-based ENT surgery procedures

Valent is driving the adoption of new technologies that enhance in-office ENT procedures, resulting in outstanding clinical and economic outcomes.

Image of the Valent laser with screen on.

Patients seek less pain, discomfort, and a quicker recovery from ENT procedures.

Valent is committed to provide ENT healthcare professionals with innovative solutions that deliver better outcomes and improve the health of ENT patients around the world.

  • Effectively reduce patient pain & discomfort
  • Efficiently reduce procedural time and enhance surgeon productivity
  • Economically incentivize surgeons by consolidating multiple surgical instruments into a single disposable device

Valent develops and commercializes cutting-edge ENT devices dedicated to upper airway for both OR and in-office settings that deliver an improved patient experience by minimizing trauma, discomfort and recovery times, while improving physician experience.